Live From SXSW: Busting Workplace Myths

Podcast with Aaron Dignan & Rodney Evans interviewing Brian Elliot. Originally published on Apple Podcasts

You didn’t think we’d do our first-ever live show and let you miss the party, did you? That’s right, we’re coming in hot with a very special episode we recorded at SXSW on March 11th in partnership with our friends at Slack.
Aaron and Rodney hit the Slack Studio Live stage with Brian Elliott (co-founder of Future Forum, an SVP at Slack, and a friend-of-the-pod) to talk about the future of work and break down several myths that keep holding us back.
Plus, we kept Austin weird with one of our strangest check-in rounds yet!

50 minutes

We came prepared with our hottest takes (and not just because it was nearly 90 degrees) on these pervasive workplace myths:
    • The person who’s always busy is the person who’s most productive.
    • Compensation is the most important thing when choosing a new role.
    • If you aren’t at the top, there’s nothing you can do to spark change at work.
    • There’s no place for feelings in the workplace.
    • You can’t build culture if you’re not IRL at an office.
Bonus Content Alert! You might hear this episode and wonder…was this really recorded outside in front of a live audience?! It was (BNW tips its hat to Taylor Marvin weekly with good reason) and we have the goods to back it up.
Head to our YouTube channel for the unedited version that features our faces and cheering crowds for the real-deal Brave New Work live experience.
Special thanks to Sparks for recording us live!
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