Lessons from the Office of the CIO, Washington State

Written by Michael DeAngelo and originally posted in the Holacracy Blog of Washington State

Image of a page from the book "What do you do with an idea?" by Kobi YamadaThe Office of the CIO has been operating with the Holacracy self-organizing model for part of the organization since February of 2015. On July 1st the same year, a law passed that consolidates our office with two other organizations in state government now known as Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech). This transition provides a great opportunity for a Holacracy retrospective over the past five months and a kickoff for the next phase of Holacracy in Washington government.

I mainly want to cover what the experience has been and lessons learned over the past five months for this post, but I’ll also touch on what what’s next.

  1. Michael, just a quick word to say how much I admire the courage for your to be a pioneer in this area, and the clarity of what you shared here, I enjoyed reading this tremendously!

    1. Absolutely!! If you read my full blog at http://ocio.wa.gov/holacracy-blog or other articles I’ve written in various magazines you’ll read that this work is being done in a larger context of making government a more competitive employer by changing the “brand” of government. Changing the brand, or employee value proposition, of government will require a collective effort. I’d more than happy to help other government organizations think through how to empower employees to produce better citizen outcomes.

    1. Thanks for the support!! If we want our government to be different and change it’s important to give them support when they dare to be better.

  2. Dear Micheal

    This is Timothy, a student in International Management from FHS University of Applied Sciences in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

    I am currently writing my bachelor thesis for the Swiss government agency “Stadtverwaltung St.Gallen” (https://www.stadt.sg.ch/home/welcome.html) with the subject “From Alpha to Beta – A guide for implementing Holacracy for public municipalities”.

    As to date, E-Gov is the only government agency implementing Holacracy, I would be very pleased if you could answer about 20 questions regarding the implementation of Holacracy in your government agency WaTech.

    By doing so, you would not only support my bachelor thesis significantly but especially you will have played a major role in swapping over Holacracy for governments overseas to Switzerland…! 😉

    It would be of huge help if you had the time and I would send you a bar of Swiss premium chocolate in return! 🙂

    I haven’t found your personal email address, therefore please contact me over: [email protected]

    Thank you very much.


    Timothy Bruelisauer
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    FHS University of Applied Sciences
    Rosenbergstrasse 59
    CH-9000 St. Gallen

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