Reinventing Organizations: Insights from Laloux for the Journey

The event is over, but the new series of videos from Laloux will continue to be available. We recommend you become a regular viewer.

Introduction before the event, from George Pór on Facebook post in Enlivening Edge Community:

Friends, Frederic Laloux on April 14 will unveil his new project to support the movement of reinventing organization! Be there live in New York City or via livestream.

Along with the adventure party of the Next-Stage/Teal organizations, in Hungary,
May 22-27…/inside-track-teal-organiz…/

the Gathering of Organisation Leaders and Reinventors in Greece,
April 23-28

the globally streamed conversation with Frederic will make Spring (in the Northern hemisphere) a hot season for the movement!

Show up! Bring your questions and contributions to any of those events! This is your movement. Together, in the next few months, we can create a decisive momentum towards democratic and soulful workplaces. Spread the word!

Information from Event hosts:

Since being published four years ago, Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations has sold over 330,000 copies, been printed in close to 20 languages, and helped spark a global movement to evolve the way we work. Hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations have started a bold journey of reinvention.

In that time, Frederic has had the opportunity to speak with many leaders and participants of those journeys. Now, Frederic is preparing to launch his next project: Insights for the Journey – a video series with lessons learned from organizations making the leap to next-stage management practices.

We are honored to host Frederic as he begins to share this next phase of his work with the world. We’ll ask Frederic about his perspective on the “reinvention” movement, what he has learned since the book came out, and what’s up with moving his family to an ecovillage in upstate New York.

Frederic rarely gives interviews or travels to speak, so be sure to join us for this very special and exciting occasion. If you’re in the NY area we encourage you to join us live at the Impact Hub.

If attending in person is not possible we invite you to join the global community who will be tuning in via Livestream.

A special shout-out to people working in organizations that are on a journey to reinvent themselves. Come and join us, as the new project Frederic will unveil is for you. This might be a wonderful opportunity to discover who in and around New York is on that journey and how, beyond this event, you might compare notes and learn from one another.

To help celebrate this opportunity to gather as a community, the presentation will be followed by unstructured time to connect with each other.

NOTE: This event is very likely to sell out. Please pre-register to reserve your seat, $15 for limited number of early bird registrations, then $20. If there are any seats remaining on the day of the event, registration at the door will be $25.

Livestream participants are encouraged to stay tuned in for the first two hours of the event. The Livestream will end at 3 PM USA Eastern Daylight Time.

If you are interested in hosting a local Livestream viewing party, please let us know! We’d love to support you in weaving your local connections.

Register here. Click on the green TICKETS button to see registration for in-person event and for livestream; suggested donation for livestream is $10 to cover technical costs.

12:30pm – Onsite registration Opens
1pm – Conversation with Frederic Laloux
2pm – Audience Questions and Answers
3pm – Community Gathering (not livestreamed)

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