Global Teal Meetup December 9: Building a Collaborative Team Culture

By Manuel Perez Gomez for Enlivening Edge Magazine

The Global Teal Meetup is an opportunity to explore concepts like wholeness, self-management, and evolutionary purpose and how we can leverage them to improve organizational structures and collaboration dynamics.

In this space, Teal practitioners and enthusiasts(1) can share their visions, experiences, and best practices through presentations, Q&As, and group breakouts.

The idea of creating these quarterly events came from the global Teal Around The World conferences, hosted by The Teal Network, which connect communities across the US, Europe, and Asia/Australia. You can register for the upcoming Global Teal Meetups for the Americas and for Europe right here:

Topic for December 9 GTM for the Americas: The Impact of Belonging on Building a Team Collaborative Culture

Many attendees have praised the Global Teal Meetups for the passion, grace, humility, and brilliance of these collaborative discussions.

Lia Aurami from Enlivening Edge Magazine, for instance, left convinced and excited that “people are learning the human skills they need to function together in next-stage organizations.”

In past events, we’ve focused on the impact of interpersonal dynamics and having a sense of belonging on organizational success.

This time, we will explore how to build a collaborative team culture in our organizations with the help of Vanessa Urch Druskat, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of New Hampshire.

Vanessa’s latest work has centered around the development of emotional intelligence in groups, the influence of external leadership on self-managed teams, and the role of belonging in team collaboration and performance. Her thirty years of research on these topics has earned her a global reputation as a scholar-practitioner with an actionable, human-centered message.


  • Opening and connection: 20 min
  • Fireside chat with Vanessa: 30 min
  • Q&A with Vanessa: 10 min
  • Group breakouts: 45 min
  • Closing: 10 min

For the Americas meetup, we’ll be in the Reception Zoom starting at 12pm PST at:

This event is free and everyone’s welcome. If you don’t know about Teal but are curious about it, check out this overview!

Register now for the next Global Teal Meetups:

If you might like to attend the next global Teal Around The World conference in 2022, here is some information.

(1) Terms like “Teal” and “next-stage organization” derive from Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness.

The scope of attention and invitation to the GTM gatherings is broader than the particular Teal organizational paradigm. It aims to include all others moving toward a new stage of consciousness as reflected in our organizations.