Evolutionary Purpose – Beyond Maximization and Self-preservation, and Purpose as the Guiding Star

By Frederic Laloux and originally published here and here at  thejourney.reinventingorganizations.com

In my experience, this is the breakthrough that is the least well understood. It’s means much more than simply having a clear mission. And it’s a breakthrough many people struggle with: No targets? No budgets? No strategic plan?

Beyond Maximization and Self-preservation

What passes for “purpose” today in organizations is almost always a fig leaf.

The true purpose for almost every work place I know is maximization (of profits, market share, …) and self-preservation.

Listening to a deeper purpose is a radical departure from the world we know.


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Purpose as the Guiding Star

Purpose is too often understood as some sort of slogan that can be helpful for marketing purposes or as a way to motivate employees.

And yet it’s the simple realization that the organizations wants to manifest something in the world and that by listening to the purpose, things can unfold with surprising ease and grace.


9 minutes and 36 seconds

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