NEXT-STAGE WORLD: An International Gathering of Organization Re-inventors

So you read Reinventing Organizations, feel inspired, but puzzled by the zillions of “how” questions which arise. You are certainly not alone. Here’s an opportunity to meet fellow re-inventors from many countries, in a unique gathering that can deepen your practice, support your organization’s Teal journey, plus facilitate your own self-empowerment and network-building.

Next-Stage World is for you, if you are wise enough to know that by engaging in action-oriented learning with others, you can accelerate your own personal and professional development, and thus grow capacity for facilitating your organization’s journey to Teal.

Your own unique context and challenge become the work-space for our time together. Glean insight from the curiosity and perspectives of others, while offering your own wisdom in return. For a moment, imagine the possibilities when seasoned facilitators, Teal mentors, the whole richness of the Reinventing Organizations wiki, and the vast diverse Enlivening Edge knowledge-base are all brought into play to support you.

The main gathering is September 19-23. There will also be two concurrent, pre-gathering workshops, on Sept 17-18: Eros/Power and Organizations in Systemic Representations.

We’ll be on the Greek island of Rhodes, where you can listen deeply to the voices of land and sea, of history and humanity, and of the inner and the outer presenting themselves in ever fresh and rediscovered forms.

The curators of this gathering have hands-on experience in leading, advising or creating new, life-affirming forms of organizations. The convening groups are Enlivening Edge, pro-action learning, and Synergy.

Find detailed information and the registration page at the Next-Stage World website. You can also contact Chris Clark at [email protected].

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