EE Magazine Editorial March 2016 – Wholeness and EE Happenings

oak treeSpring is in the air (at least in the Northern hemisphere), seeds are sprouting, buds turning into blossoms. The movement of “next-stage” is preparing for its first international gathering in the Teal Organizations track of the Integral European Conference, in Hungary, May 4-8. We, at Enlivening Edge, the official curators of that track, sense that the DNA of the ecosystem of next-stage organizations and initiatives will be as much present in the rich program – the 30+ workshops and presentations – as a majestic, future oak tree is present in a small acorn.

It’s a good time to celebrate wholeness, and how it is present in modest but enlivening beginnings in nature and society.

Welcome to our first issue dedicated to wholeness!

Those of us familiar with Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux may associate from that word to one of the evolutionary breakthroughs of next-stage organizations. Contemplating “breakthrough” might lead us to the dictionary that says, “an act or instance of removing or surpassing an obstruction or restriction; the overcoming of a stalemate.”

That makes “wholeness” sound like a just-discovered, surprising novelty, but weren’t we born whole? It’s good to remember that at the next altitude of human consciousness, we’re returning to wholeness, to our prior unity, but in a new stage of aliveness, where wholeness is recognized and celebrated, as opposed to being oppressed, or relegated to the ranks of weirdness.

Strangely, this return to wholeness is triggered by the machinery of modern production which needs fewer workers on assembly lines (who can be replaced by robots), and more humans capable of filling multiple roles. Self-managing companies turn that necessity into a virtue: it is not unprecedented that employees fill 5, 10, or even 20 roles. That redefines our self-sense, opening the door to the marvellous, multi-faceted beings we are, coming out of the closet.

Reading this issue, you can immerse in a thought-provoking essay on the many dimensions of wholeness, leading to one of the best collection of resources on the subject, or get an intimate portrayal of the author of Reinventing Organizations, in this month’s feature, Experiencing Wholeness with Frederic Laloux. Another article addressing this issue’s theme comes from the self-managing Buffer company, What Does It Mean to Bring Your ‘Whole Self’ to Work.

Wholeness is also approached from two different perspectives in the writings of two of our columnists: Chris Clark writes about The First Step Towards Teal is Grief, and George Pór’s Wholeness in Our Every Breath.

Some other pieces of great content not to miss in this issue are: Teal Spring in Berlin, The Tealing of Money: Values, Value and the Wisdom of Crowds, Servant leadership in a boss-less organisation (video), and Peter Senge on the Heart of Transformation (video).


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