A Sneak Peek into Enlivening Edge’s Teal Organizations Track at Integral European Conference 2018

Journey with us, from where you are, through these photos, to this major expression of Enlivening Edge’s Evolutionary Purpose for 2018. In one way or another, everyone involved with EE has been preparing for this event for the last 6 months or more.

If you want to bring your heart and mind together with others who are ready to think and act as builders of a movement of next-stage organizations, start out now from where you are in the world, and land through these pictures with some of us from Enlivening Edge next week between Budapest, Hungary, and Graz, Austria, on the shores of Lake Balaton, in the resort town of Siófok, Hungary!

On the way to the hotel, you’ll get a glimpse of the lake

There at the hotel, the logo of the conference will be quite visible, as we occupy the whole hotel for the week!

You will have checked out the full program ahead of time, here on this webpage, so you can see the Teal Organizations Track in context of all the other exciting and meaningful offerings and activities. This is NOT your standard talking-experts conference!

On the networking table in the lobby, is the recently co-designed Enlivening Edge leaflet. Here you see the back page on the left and the front page on the right.

with the Teal Organizations Track schedule inside — subject to change!! (Image below.)

And when you wander over to the posters section of the lobby, you will see the beautiful version of our 2016 Teal Organization Track poster updated for this year and time!

Our track has a dedicated meeting room, though a few presentations will be outside or in another room. A sign designed for now, welcomes you into the room with energy of friendliness.

The “map” mentioned on the welcome sign, we have no photo of yet, but it will be a large long paper on the wall, for folks to add their name, city, and email, and place on their location in the world. Wish you were there to add yours! (Why not add yours in a comment below here!)

On the wall of the room are 5 very special pictures of the 5 Elements of nature and life, with quotations from EE folks and friends, about the theme of our track, Building the Movements of Next-Stage Organizations. These are displayed in an order that reflects archetypes of how ideas reach manifestation.





space – purpose




fire – inspirational ideas, how this purpose could show up in the world, sparks






air – sorting and selecting among ideas






water – feeling it, bringing it into emotions with thinking so can ground and manifest on earth





earth – manifesting in experienced physical reality







Inside the room are various other decor aspects conducive to shared knowledge and wisdom, increasing relationships and connectivity, and inspiration/energizing.

The events of the Track are inside this room, including the Opening Plenary on Wednesday and the Closing Plenary on Sunday. (Program below subject to change.)

Even if you aren’t there in person, you’ll be able to hear or see any presentation or session, sometime after the conference. Get on the IEC mailing list to be informed of availability.

And as you  leave the room, you’ll see a bowl of unshelled sunflower seeds, with this sign to inspire you to action, knowing that your one seed action or word can generate an entire field, helping co-create an entire movement to change organizations and the world.

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