Surf the Enlivening Edge at IEC 2016

Are you joining the tribe of Teal Organizers coming to the Integral European Conference?

Come meet the team behind Enlivening Edge!

We are excited to be the curators of the Teal Organizational Track at IEC 2016. Among the many pleasures drawing us to curate the TOT track is the chance to meet, face to face instead of screen to screen, with the community coming together to make Enlivening Edge possible. So please come join us for this session, in which we will continue to seek together the future of this labor of love.

Our Abstract for the Conference:

“Launched as an online magazine in 2015, Enlivening Edge supports people who are reinventing organizations into self-organizing systems driven by evolutionary purpose, and liberating creativity, passion, and joy. Inspired by the work of Frederic Laloux and his book Reinventing Organizations, EE brings into one place theedge” of Teal organizing: news and views, videos and research, practice and theory, scaling across countries and spreading throughout sectors of society. We hope that with every subsequent issue, EE will become more “owned” by the community it serves. You are invited to a community-wide “advice process” — one of the key next-stage technologies used in Teal organizations. IEC 2016 promises to be a powerful turning point for the movement, and an opportunity for us all to collectively “make sense” of its evolution. Dialogue, meet the team, and surf with us on the lively edge of this “next-stage” in human consciousness.”