Proposal to Establish a Research Community/Platform

Bjørn Uldall wrote in the “Wiki to inspire reinventing organizations” group on Facebook:

ADVICE REQUEST: Proposal to Establish a Research Community/Platform

At the moment, the wiki is basically a ’reconfigured’ version of the RO book—just as it was meant to be as a first step. There is a good effort going at the moment to improve the quality in the presentation of this existing material/content.

Yet it seems to me that developing the wiki beyond that might be too challenging for individual contributors at the moment. The current synthesis is based on Frederic’s thorough/systematic research. I think very few, if anybody, feels qualified to add further ’synthesis’ content at the moment (who have sufficient breadth/width of exposure to enough actual Teal-organisations to generate new synthesis level content?).

I sense that the missing component at the moment is to form a kind of ‘research’ community with a shared ’work-space’ that can function as an ‘intermediary’ —a place/group that undertake the research process of e.g..
– identifying/searching for ‘raw’ data/stories/anecdotes from a variety of public sources,
– tap into discourse community discussions and other community discussions to pick up on the most important questions and issues that people are dealing with are – and leverage it as a source of further insight/stories/perspectives from practitioners…
– actively generate more ‘practical experience accounts’ through interviews and co-inqury with people/organisations making the transition…
– make sense of all this, and based on transparent quality criteria create new ‘synthesis’ knowledge and illustrative case stories, that can go into the wiki, articles etc.

I will be hosting a session at the Integral European Conference in May, where I will invite others to explore this idea further – especially how such a community/platform may make use Action Research approaches and methods to perform such collaborative work. Preparing for this, it would be great to get some advice from this wiki community, e.g.
– what is your sense of the need for what I propose?
– would you be interested in joining?
– on what topics/issues do you feel that the need for more collaborative research is most pertinent?
– any advice on how best to organize a workspace digitally (facebook not good, wikiplatform – perhaps, but would need to be separate….)

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