The Emerging Future Podcast – Tom Thomison on Beyond Employment, Purposeful Work

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EPISODE 009 – Tom Thomison: going beyond employment. Liberating Purposeful Work

Imagine if work was a contemplative practice…if work was the way to practice becoming more of yourself, to learn, to share, to collaborate, and to ultimately become more human.  This is how Tom Thomison works.

For well over a decade he has been on a quest to breakdown the employer/employee divide and create a new way of working that fosters all of these things by creating structures that revolve around purpose.

The current default hierarchical structure of organizing has reached its limits.  Tom is introducing a complete replacement to hierarchy…a holarchy.  Based on the principles of Holacracy, Tom is pioneering a new way of working, and in this conversation, Tom articulates how his most recent endeavor,, is revolutionizing the way work gets done.

A seasoned entrepreneur and business builder with more than 30 years of experience, Tom is a recognized leader in self-organization practices and methods. In 2007, he co-founded HolacracyOne, LLC to further develop and mature Holacracy®, now a gold-standard replacement for conventional management hierarchies.

Tom is currently a Founding Member and Partner at, an organization focused on the creation of necessary legal, financial and social structures to further support self-organization and the new world of work.

““Even the most seasoned managers and executives have not played this game before. Everybody is learning a new game to play. Everybody starts at zero.” — Tom Thomison

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