An Optimistic Future – Interview with Frederic Laloux + Free Team Tool Offer

By Simon Confino for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Way before lockdown, and soon after launching, I had the good fortune to spend time with Frederic Laloux and his family at their home, an ecovillage in Ithaca, in upstate New York.

We had a wonderful time together, and I was able to record five conversations which we’ve edited into short 5-minute bites.

We covered

  • The myth of happiness at work
  • Deep Meaning and Purpose
  • Personal power and Influence
  • Creating a healthy organisational culture

In our final recording we imagined an optimistic future. One built on a healthy human-centred organisational culture. It is fascinating.

The whole notion of organisation and competition starts to break down when we place our deep humanity at the core; “boundaries become more blurry, competitors morph together to form new entities….they become a fluid constellation of elements working towards a shared ‘healing’ purpose.” F.L.

Our economic system and consumption patterns change. “The less you need to fill the void with stuff.” F.L. People are less manipulated by fear. They make wiser, more life-affirming choices.

Have a listen to this, the final recording, on An Optimistic Future

Free Offer to EE Magazine Readers: We-Q Team Culture Tool

Fred had some very positive comments and feedback about our We-Q team culture diagnostic and development tool, enabling powerful conversations to be had safely. It has since been rigorously tested in the market and is a powerful contribution to team awareness, wellbeing and effectiveness.

It is available to EE readers to use for free including a full team diagnostic report. If a team you are working with could benefit from some time reflecting on what’s working, and what needs improving in its culture and effectiveness, get in touch.

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Featured Image by sipa from Pixabay