Laloux’s Insights: A Company-wide Conversation About Wholeness

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This is the eighth in a series exploring what Wholeness looks like in the work place. The other videos in the series can be found here.

You can accelerate the movement by inviting the whole organization to reflect on wholeness and how to have more of it. What could such a conversation look like?

After you show up whole yourself, how do you create a company-wide commitment to wholeness, through explicit talking about it? Perhaps use Appreciative Inquiry over days. What is important to is explicitly name the desired change to increased wholeness and end up with a shared energy and shared commitments. Shared energy can be fostered by people recalling moments in their lives when it felt safe to be themselves, and other moments when it didn’t. What became possible for the person and the organization in safe moments? Explore what created the feeling of safety, or not. What if we always felt in a safe place? How would we be different? How would it help us serve our purpose?

What commitments do we need to make to each other? What practices need to be changed? Draw from other organizations’ practices.

Have this conversation with the largest possible group, not a small test group. Spend a day or more in this conversation. It makes language available and can create a new, shared reality.

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