Put on Your Teal Writing Shoes (IEC 2016 Preview)

By Edith Friesen for Enlivening Edge

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Do you long to write from your whole self, not just your head?

Do you dream of writing in a way that mirrors the three Teal breakthroughs?

If so, I’d love to welcome you to my Taking Writing Teal workshop at IEC 2016 in Hungary.

For a moment, imagine that writing is a dynamic dance where you partner with your whole self and your reader. Or imagine the page as dance floor on which you sense where the writing wants to go. What would it take to write nimbly on that dance floor, like a self-organizing system? This is the territory we’ll explore during my workshop.

During the past 15 years, I’ve practiced the Integral and Teal writing dance. Writing and communication are braided throughout my work life across a spectrum of organizations. I also mentor writers, including writers for Enlivening Edge.

Now, I’d love to share some embodied and heart-centered practices to help you finesse the learning curve. Please join me, Saturday May 7, 17:00-18:00 for a dynamic and empowering session. Come ready to amplify your beautiful Teal heart and to energize your Teal writing shoes.