5+ Ways to Regenerate Our Cities with Doughnut Economics

By Marilyn Hamilton and originally published at integralcity.com

Integral City is partnering with global coalition on co-creating a Master in Regenerative Action.

Integral City is a framework, system and community of practice for engaging with the city as a whole, living, complex adaptive, evolutionary human system.

We have come together with Ubiquity University (UU) and the University of International Cooperation (UCI) and Green Project Management (GPM) and a global coalition of other academic institutions, NGOs and professional organizations to launch a whole new MBA degree. We call it a Master in Regenerative Action (MRA).

At the center is Doughnut Economics as well as a range of other regenerative approaches to ecology, economics, politics, consciousness, and culture. The focus is on Knowledge leading to Action to regenerate our world.

There is no more time for business as usual. Business must be redesigned to regenerate economies and the larger ecosystem. This new MRA produces Regenerative Action to save the world, with organizations from the 4 Voices of the City: Business/Innovators, Civic Managers, 3rd Sector/Civil Society and Citizens.

We celebrate our formal launch June 9, 2021, with Kate Raworth’s Foundations of Doughnut Economics. (Click here to get the details including scholarships.)

Doughnut Economics (DE) recognizes that wellbeing occurs at multiple levels for the planet and people. DE creates life conditions where every person can live with dignity, equity and justice while protecting the integrity of Earth’s life-supporting systems. This framework of social and planetary boundaries provides a compass for recalibrating the relationship between humanity and the planet in the 21st century.

How can the Doughnut regenerate Integral Cities and how can Integral Cities benefit from the implementation of Doughnut Economics??  Let us map out the strategy with Integral City’s 5 Maps and Global Positioning System of Intelligences (GPS).

Map 1: With Bio, Psycho, Cultural, Social Gusto Eat the Whole Doughnut

The framework of Doughnut Economics has both interior and exterior dimensions – just like the Integral City Map 1. In the left-hand quadrants we have the Psycho/Cultural capacities that enable the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) that lie at the centre of the Doughnut. On the right-hand quadrants lie the Bio/Social capacities that reveal the extent to which we live within the Ecological Ceiling of the Doughnut’s 9 factors.

Like the Doughnut, Map 1 embraces the individual and collective dimensions as they develop through a lifecycle of perspectives – from egocentric to ethnocentric to regional centric to global centric – all of which co-generate the safe and just space for humanity, as we design a regenerative and distributive economy.

Map 2: Stack the 4 Voices of City Systems as a Nested Organizational Supply Chain

Integral City Map 2 nests a holarchy of city organizational systems so we can see how each of them contributes to creating the Supply Chain of a Doughnut Economics. This reveals the interactive relationships of the 4 Voices of Integral City (Citizens, Business/Innovators, Civic Managers, 3rd Sector).

Together, they produce and consume the flow of resources through the city – from the Individual to the Family, Group, Workplace, Civic Institutions, Communities and the whole city within the context of the ecoregion. As subsystems within a living city system, the nested holarchy regenerates organically in response to the life conditions determined by the Ecological Ceiling.

Map 3: Downscale and Upscale Doughnut Economics in the Integral City

Integral City Map 3 reveals how capacities for action arise in the city from Individuals developing greater and greater complexity until they take systemic bio/psycho/cultural/social action (as revealed in Map 1). These fractal pattens enable high performance Groups and Teams that can influence Organizations and Agencies which in turn interact with the whole community/city in a holographic manner. All these scales actively self-organize and produce the structures (we see in Map 4) that downscale and upscale the application of the Doughnut to the flow of a regenerative city life.

Map 4: Reveals a World of Doughnut Economics in Complex Adaptive Structures

Map 4 lets us look at the emergence of 8 structures of organizations – each representing a more complex design than the previous one. We see that the Doughnut must find bio/psycho/cultural/social expression in different ways to be coherent and productive within different life conditions. Thus, the Ecological Ceiling demands that we choose the appropriate structures .

Moreover, to balance social/cultural justice within Earth’s constraints we will have to learn how to “right size” the structures (and the cities) to serve ecoregional wellbeing and Gaia’s wellbeing. This requires local action as well as global awareness . Thus, the Integral City Map 4 suggests multiple ways of right sizing, aligning and meshworking an ecosystem of organizations from family hearth to clan gathering, to tribal hierarchies, to bureaucracies that deliver peace, order and good government, to social safety systems, to systemic design labs, to global wellbeing coalitions.

Map 5: Spirituality in the City Radiates the Soul of the Doughnut

Integral City Map 5 locates the Doughnut in the zone of Beauty, Truth and Goodness, showing that the Involutionary spirit that inspires the inner/outer relationship in the Doughnut rests in the same impulse that matures the Doughnut to evolve into service for global wellbeing. The Doughnut arises out of the Ground of Love and is a core Resource inspired by Source that enables the Regenerativity of the city as complex adaptive living system.

Intelligences that Cohere a GPS for Regenerative Doughnut Economics

Finally, we amplify the effectiveness of the Doughnut with the Integral City GPS so that it can access 5 sets of Intelligences that enable the implementation of the 5 Maps for the Doughnut as an economics for regenerativity.

To implement the SDG’s and stay within Earth’s Ecological Ceiling the city’s multiple intelligences of Contexting, Individual, Collective, Strategic and Evolution all contribute to the effective implementation of Doughnut Economics within each city and across a Planet of Cities.

At the same time, Integral City development will accelerate within our VUCA World, through the implementation of Doughnut Economics.

Where do you start regeneration in the Integral City with Doughnut Economics? Join us at the formal launch June 9, 2021, of Kate Raworth’s Foundations of Doughnut Economics. (Click here for details, registration and scholarships – you can apply code CORDON50 for 50% or CORDON100 for Full Scholarship.)

Featured Image added by Enlivening Edge Magazine. Image by anncapictures from Pixabay