“Empathy, Compromise, and Courage” Adam Pisoni at Responsive Conference 2016

Practical strategies for catalyzing change in challenging situations

From the original YouTube description of the video, lightly edited by EE Magazine:

As the pace of change accelerates, the challenges we face are becoming less and less predictable. What’s more, practices that used to be successful are becoming counter-productive in these less predictable environments.

We need a new way.

Responsive Organizations are built and designed to thrive in less predictable environments. They learn and respond through the open flow of information. They encourage experimentation and learn on rapid cycles. They organize as a network of employees, customers, and partners motivated by a shared purpose.

The way we work is changing. The 1st Annual Responsive Conference was held to create a space where new and exciting ideas are shared and developed — where we can navigate these changes, and lay the building blocks for the Future of Work.

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Note from EE Magazine: he refers to Gen. Stanley McChrystal whose book has been reviewed by EE Magazine, here.

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