From Hierarchy to High Performance

By Brooke O. Erol on behalf of all authors of the book reviewed here, for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Work, as we know, does not work anymore. Alarming research data on employee engagement and turnover proves it.

Most of us are aware that many organizations are out of sync with the times in terms of how they are led. Too many managers still operate in command-control and hierarchical structures. Organizations can not exist only to make more profit and have short term goals for only their shareholders anymore.

The book From Hierarchy to High Performance: Unleashing the Hidden Superpowers of Ordinary People to Realize Extraordinary Results is about shifting that traditional mindset from the bureaucratic to valued human experiences. The book reveals that organizations need to recognize the impact they have on their people’s wellbeing, the environment, and the ecosystem they operate in.

Progressive organizations–who have the courage to transform–ensure every stakeholder benefits from their existence: the people who work for them, their clients, their partners, their vendors, their communities, and even the world at large. The group of innovators who wrote this book believe in this new way of working.

The Great Work Cultures movement came together years ago since the people all shared the same passion, values, and purpose of having a positive impact in the workplace.

To accelerate needed change, they decided it is crucial to share what they have learned and witnessed with everyone else who is interested in transforming their organizations for better.

Great Work Cultures team believe in:

  • Collaboration over control
  • Human Experience over bureaucratic rules
  • Networks over hierarchies

This book brings together the new ways of leading to build the pillars of a happy, healthy, and highly engaged workplace.

The authors know this is possible as their examples in the book demonstrate. It is not a myth or a utopian belief as many still believe.

People have strengths, talents, and potential that can change the organizations for better if the people are treated as human beings with amazing capabilities. And yes, as the subtitle emphasizes, extraordinary results are possible when they are given autonomy, belonging, and purpose.

The book covers the most crucial topics needed to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional way of managing organizations: adapting to change, purpose, trust, well-being, culture, self-management, and whole-body intelligence.

The digital version of the book launched on August 14th and became #1 International Best Seller under Organizational Change category in Amazon. The print version is also ready now at Amazon.

You can find out more about the book, the authors, and the testimonials here.

The authors of this book want this book to get into the hands of many who can create a positive impact in the workplace.

Brooke O. Erol is one of the co-authors of the book From Hierarchy to High Performance. She is the Founder of two businesses, YourBestLife and Purposeful Business. She works with leaders, founders, C-level executives to create human-centered work environments like her co-authors do. She is also an author of Create a Life You Love. She speaks internationally about Future of Work, Purpose-Driven Organizations and Purpose-Driven Leadership.  [email protected]