Frequently Asked Questions about Enlivening Edge


If you’re curious about Enlivening Edge, the organization behind this website and magazine, or our Community Conversations or Facebook group, you’re in the right place to enquire (or inquire!) into who we are, what we’re all about, and how we work.

We’re delighted to share these answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the + beside each question, and you’ll see the “nutshell” answer.

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The FAQ below covers aspects of EE we commonly get asked about. The last question is different though; it’s one for you to answer. Have a look when you are ready.


What is Enlivening Edge?

Enlivening Edge is an international network of Partners, participants, and inter-organizational synergistic relationships.

Our core Partners are a self-managed group who currently offer our Magazine, our Facebook Community, our Community Conversations, and our Events Calendar as the primary ways we express our shared deep commitment to serve the Evolutionary Purpose of EE.

How did Enlivening Edge get started?

George Pór founded EE in May of 2015. We started as an online Magazine and a bi-monthly email pointing people towards the highlights and featured articles. The purpose was to enable people co-creating the next stage of consciousness in organizations, to discover and learn from one another—and become a stronger force for improving organizations in society.  The interests and talents of people who subsequently joined EE have expanded our offerings.

What is Enlivening Edge's Evolutionary Purpose?

The current wording of EE's Evolutionary Purpose is

Catalyzing relationships among innovators who are accelerating the evolution of organizations and social systems toward human and environmental thriving.

This editorial article about EE's Evolutionary Purpose explains what it means in practice, using concepts from our previous EP statement but it's still relevant.

Our offerings enable connections among people so they can discover themselves as parts of a social ecosystem, a “whole” with its own collective intelligence.

The synergies possible are creating powerful movements that transform individuals, organizations, societal sectors, and we hope, the world.

How has EE changed since it started? What does it do now?

Since we started, more offerings to the world, that express our evolutionary purpose, have emerged from the interests and talents of new Partners and from our inter-organizational relationships. Beyond the continuing development of  EE Magazine, we now offer:

Enlivening Edge Community Conversations via Zoom

EE Facebook group

A global calendar of events for learning and gathering.

How is EE different from conventional/traditional organisations?

Some of the significant differences are:

We are motivated and guided by our Evolutionary Purpose more than by mission statements and goals.

We are self-managed; we have no managers.

We value humanness (heart and spirit) as well as the rationality that most organisations prize.

We serve a global evolutionary wave that extends far beyond the boundaries of organisational goals.

How is EE itself a "Teal organisation?"

We regard ourselves as a prototype of a Teal Organization. We use structures and processes from the self-management system of Holacracy®. We have a strong Evolutionary Purpose and value all that our people bring.

A crucial aspect of our culture is “walking our Teal talk.” We regularly discuss how we can do this with more heart and integrity.

We interact from the Teal stage of consciousness development as much as we can. This includes appreciating and valuing each other.

We are in service to global evolutionary social movements that are creating more conscious, caring organizations.

How do EE Partners manage to work together given that we live across the world?

We live in several time zones and schedule our time carefully. We work together on various platforms for written conversations, shared documents, shared workspace, and live video-meetings. We gather for face-to-face retreats when we can, and connect when we travel to conferences and workshops.

How do EE Partners make decisions and get things done?

We allocate responsibilities to roles rather than people. Information, progress, and requests for advice are shared through our Mattermost online discussion forum and other online collaborative tools. We trust people to make decisions once they have taken on a responsibility, and we use Holacracy® for our governance process.

Where is EE based?

Enlivening Edge people tend to live in Europe and the Americas, although we are expanding all the time.

We come together in physical space occasionally and meet most often in cyberspace using various tools and platforms.

Who are the Partners and what motivates them?

Our partners and our collaborators from other organizations are a constantly-changing and constantly-expanding international group. We all share an understanding of and commitment to the principles of Teal organisations and beyond (expressed in the book Reinventing Organizations).

Many of us are motivated by the opportunity to express our individual life purpose through our involvement with EE. We are activated by being on the enlivening edge of human development around organizational consciousness.

We share a passion for increasing the numbers of people who are co-creating organizations that are more caring about humans and our environment.

Are there differing degrees of involvement in EE?

The short answer is Yes! Some of the group are deeply-engaged Partners, and some are more loosely-related inter-organizational synergy partners. There are many other ways of getting involved, for example donating, writing articles, and joining our Facebook group.

If you have an impulse or idea around playing with us, contact us. We’d love to talk with you.

What is the difference between EE Partners and others who work closely with EE?

Enlivening Edge Partners energize formal Roles with specific work functions and accountabilities in our Holacracy operational and governance structure, and in addition they devote time and energy to caring for the whole of EE.

People in other organizations co-create projects with us. These inter-organizational synergistic relationships are essential to the thriving and growing of EE and the emerging social ecosystem of next-stage organizations.

Do people earn income from being involved?

Economic Partners in Enlivening Edge LLC will receive income as our business plan becomes more successful. Partners currently accrue "dynamic equity" in the Slicing Pie model. Folks in other organizations who co-create various projects and endeavors with us earn their income from their own organization.

What is EE's legal structure and business model? (How is EE funded?)

Enlivening Edge is a Limited Liability Company in the USA. We are currently creating an effective Teal-appropriate “business model.” EE has been funded by donations, sponsors, advertising, and affiliate partnerships, and there will be additional sources of funding in our new business model.

And now would you like to answer a few questions?

If we have piqued your interest and you would like to explore further, we invite you to pause and reflect on how well our work aligns with yours.

  • What do you like about EE and the work it does?
  • What feels like important work for you?
  • Can you see yourself engaging with EE? (We hope you say Yes!)


There is more to know, and there are many ways to be involved with EE. You can start by looking at Our Work and Our Team.