PURPOSE – 9 Elements of Purpose-Driven Organizations

By Ute Sommer and originally published at sommer-consulting.ch

The future belongs to purpose-driven organizations. Or so we read in relevant media. But what does it mean to be a purpose-driven organization? We discovered criteria for identifying purpose-driven organizations and highlighting what makes these organizations special. Discover key factors in our new infographic.

«Purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s needs.» – Frederick Buechner –

At first glance the fact sounds astonishing: In economic terms purpose-driven organizations are outstandingly successful, although profit maximization does not appear on their agenda.

Economic models, as most of us know them, determine the value of an enterprise according to how much profit and cash they generate and how high their market or shareholder value is: Value creation is reduced to rational economic figures.

Along with our research on the topic “Working Agile” and “Innovative Ways of Working” we explored so-called purpose-driven organizations. We realized that contrary to traditional organizations value creation has a much broader meaning for them. Meaning and purpose as well as the positive impact on people and the environment are in their understanding also key elements. Obviously, these additional elements enable people to unleash their energy and power.

Discover main factors of purpose-driven organizations in our new infographic.

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