EE Magazine Editorial May 2017 – An Ecosystem Becoming Conscious of Itself

By George Pór for Enlivening Edge Magazine

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GP Edit May 17As the Sun started setting over the Brighton hills, turning the bright blue of the sky into hues of turquoise mixed with pink, I started watering the vegetable patches, our young fruit trees, the baby black currant bushes, fragrant hyacinths, in the backyard of our house, and the healing herbs in Anna’s beautiful herbal spiral, in the front yard.

There has been no rain around here for 4-5 days. The stream of water gushing from the hose is directed to a fragile-looking shoot, in which I pre-sense and honor the strong and tall stalk of the maize. The drops penetrate the compost on the topsoil, and the roots of the maize are gently stretching towards them. On its way to the roots, the water is picking up some delicious nutrients. Their interaction brings vicarious pleasure to my heart.

That interaction is not unlike the life-enhancing cooperation between various actors in the vibrant and continually expanding social ecosystem of next-stage organizations, conferences and unconferences, networks and publications. Through the points of their interaction, new neural paths are forging and life is connecting with more of itself.

That’s an ecosystem on the way to slowly becoming conscious of itself.

Just as plants are shooting up towards the light, not quite knowing what attracts them, the Teal ecosystem is stretching towards higher self-knowledge and collective consciousness.

We at Enlivening Edge do our best to contribute to that process. We might be the most intentional about it, but we are certainly not the only ones. There are also other healthy movements that we support, which connect/inspire various projects and initiatives adding their unique value to the whole, for example: Teal for Teal International, Enspiral, Next-Stage World, Corporate Rebels, Leadwise, Teal for Startups, Village 3.0 etc.  Besides their distinctive gifts, they all contribute, in one way or another, to the cross-fertilization of transformational practices and inspirations.

EE also has a growing number of media siblings that include Axiom News, Corporate Rebels blog, dwarfs and Giants, Kosmos Journal, Leadership & Change, P2P Foundation blog, Positive News, and Shareable, just to name a few, which are covering, with different focus, the different aspects of the epic change of eras we’re in the midst of.

Since our beginning two years ago, EE has been monitoring and reporting on the various movements that cohabit the ecosystem of organizational transformation. We have published, so far, 80 articles on organizations “going Teal” or engaged in a radical transformational effort under any other label. Many more organizations are mentioned in Tools and Practices and our other “Sections” of the over-500 total articles we’ve shared in the past two years.

There’s also the movement inspired by the same Integral worldview that informed Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations. Their next event will be on June 10 – 11, 2017, in Berlin, where Integral practitioners from around the world will converge to connect, confer, collaborate, and create. I will be one of the Catalysts of the convergence. As a gift to our readers, we’re offering 5 complimentary tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to join us in Berlin, use the guest invitation code “CONVEE” on the registration page. You must register before the event begins.

We’re now ready to respond to the need of the evolution of these various, future-responsive movements (and the people and organizations following them) for greater visibility of the big picture, in a number of different ways. The most immediate is the ecosystem-mapping project mentioned here.

Another way of upping our game to match the increasingly high stakes of the reinvention movement is giving more attention to what is beyond reinventing organizations: reinventing whole social sectors.

We’ve been monitoring the “Tealing” of sectors since November 2015, but from now on, periodically, the EE Magazine will focus for two months on one social sector.

Until July, we will be publishing a special collection of articles focusing on the education sector of society.

Guest Editor for this cycle of the Magazine, culminating in the July Magazine Highlights, will be Jean-Paul Munsch of Switzerland.

If you’re passionate about bringing next-stage consciousness into education and have something to say about – or if you know about — what and where are the leading edges of Teal awareness and breakthroughs in classrooms, programs, systems, and educational materials, get in touch with [email protected] ASAP. Submission deadline for original articles is June 10 and be sure to tell him about articles/blogs you are aware of that others have written.

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Last but not least, if you want to get more actively involved with our work for organizational transformation and social renewal, consider joining our lively international team of inspired and inspiring organization reinventors. The movement not only needs you, but it also provides you with rich opportunities to accelerate your own professional and Teal development, as you help Enlivening Edge to enliven more people, organizations, and social systems.