The Emerging Future Podcast – Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller on Going Nomad, Finding Pathways to Wholeness, and The Language of Spaces

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller interviewed by Joel deJong and originally published at

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller is a purpose agent. She has architected her life to support work and her purpose, which is: “The manifestation of love in the work we do in the world.”

At the time of this interview, she was energizing her purpose through her roles at a number of for-purpose enterprises that she has co-founded,, which liberates purposeful work, and Evolution at Work, which focuses on discovering and enabling pathways to wholeness in the workplace. She is also a master Holacracy coach!

Recently Christiane intentionally left her home in Vienna to fully embrace her work by “going nomad,” which means she no longer has a home that she returns to after her trips. Instead, she listens and responds to where her purpose is needed most…next.

She came through Seattle on her way to Japan to lead a workshop on the Language of Spaces, a tension-processing framework for organizations that are deliberately developmental and evolutionary.

Christiane is a rare beacon of love and hope and brings warmth and generativity to the people and spaces she inhabits. I hope this conversation enables us all to manifest love in the work we do in the world!

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Republished with permission.
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