Self-Organization Maturity Map

The map was originally posted in the “Resources” section of the HolacracyOne website, in August 2015.

In an ever growing effort to help organizations reach higher levels of self-organization HolacracyOne mapped key factors to track where they’re currently at, and what they can strive for, in their maturation level of self-organization.

The map describes what 15 areas of organizational life look like depending on whether the actual practices sabotage, stabilize, enhance or evolve the Holacracy Operating System.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 08.39.50

To see the self-organization maturity gradients of all 15 organizational application areas, click on the link of full document, downloadable as pdf.

If your organization is practicing Holacracy (or any other form of self-management), why not share with the other readers what you found hindering and/or supporting the transition from one level to the next, by leaving a reply to this post.

Also, we would like to learn about any other tool that you may use or know for assessing self-organization maturity.