Register Now for Sociocracy for All Global Online Conference April 27

We at Enlivening Edge would like to call your attention to this upcoming event of our next-stage organizational ecosystem partner.

Sociocracy for All’s 5th annual

Global Sociocracy Conference 2022 – Online and multilingual

April 27th, 2022    12:30 – 20:00 UTC

✸ The practice of inner sociocracy ✸ Cross-connections in sociocracy ✸ Sociocracy at the workplace ✸ Paradigm shifting ✸ Sociocracy roleplaying games ✸ Restorative practices ✸ Self -managed teams ✸ Human resources in sociocracy ✸ Power dynamics ✸ Diversity and inclusion ✸ Facilitation practices ✸ Permaculture and sociocracy ✸ Integrating objections ✸ Somatic practices ✸ Exploring power and transparency ✸ Playing with sociocracy ✸ Is sociocracy spiritual? ✸ Empathy circles

Dozens of speakers!

Join us for a day of shared exploration, talking, and playing!

The 2022 annual conference is for you – and everyone else who is enthusiastic about governance that lifts up all voices. We will bring together people from different sectors – business, nonprofit, cooperatives, education, activists – to share and connect with each other.

This year’s multilingual conference will go beyond presentations. It will be more like a festival, with talks, micro-trainings, panels, participatory activities, and conversations.

We’re looking forward to having you! It begins with dreaming together of a world where consent-based decision-making is the basis for society.

For more information and to register with sliding scale fee:

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