Radical Self-management – Part 2: Declaration of Responsibility

By Norbert Netten and originally published in its entirety at https://powerofconnection.world/

This is Part 2 of a 4-part series in Enlivening Edge Magazine. Read Part 1. Watch for future EE publication of the later parts which are currently visible at the original site.

Radical Self-management: Total freedom and full responsibility for yourself, each other and the result

To optimize a team or organization, many people use what is known as the ‘structural-approach’. Their focus is on getting the right people on the right job, coach them to learn the skills they need, focus on business strategy for success, create complimentary teams, assign tasks and responsibilities, establish basic operating principles and more.

That is all extremely important, but there is one thing missing and that’s the ‘operating system’ of your teams and organization. Most people are not aware that many of the symptoms that indicate that teams and organizations do not function as well as they could, derive from a not properly updated operating system.

When you try to solve these symptoms by using the structural-approach, most of the time you will not reach the desired outcome. When you use the operating-system approach, most of the time, you will.

Watch the third video below to continue the journey to discover the ‘Operating System’ of your organization.

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