Organizing for Intrinsic Motivation

Catherine Jaeger interviews  John Thompson in this podcast. Originally published on Inspired Teams

John Thompson of The PCO Group returns with his passion for unleashing intrinsic motivation, which has a critical role in the human state, and therefore plays out into a team and more broadly into an organization.

When tapping into intrinsic motivation, there is “no difference between being a leader and being human” since every human has leadership within them. This principle is the foundation of John’s proposal of breaking apart the 3 roles of a traditional manager – subject matter expert, developing humans, and team organization.

We cover designing for intrinsic motivation by splitting the manager (boss) role into three roles, how being bossless creates opportunities not threats, and having facilitators show up as bosses disappear.

45 minutes 55 seconds


About John Thompson

The PCO Group

Resources mentioned

First, Let’s Fire All the Managers by Gary Hamel

Doug Kirkpatrick

Beyond empowerment – are we ready for the self-managed organization? – Doug Kirkpatrick at TEDxChico

The No-Limits Enterprise – Organizational Self-Management in the New World of Work by Doug Kirkpatrick

Sonja Robinson – International Leadership Coach

Republished with permission.

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