Web Service for Teal Organizations (IEC Report)

By Dorothee Bornath and Gertraud Wegst for Enlivening Edge

On Sunday morning, the last day of the May, 2016 Integral European Conference, about 15 people showed up to get to know more about Teal/Integral/Second Tier community-building and discuss possibilities emerging out of the three sessions on that topic.

It was the first public and international presentation of an online all-in-one management toolkit we co-creators are really proud of. Consent.works is the expanded and improved edition of the version we have been using and improving within our holacratic organization, Die Wertschätzer (The Appreciators www.theappreciators.com),[i] over the last 5 years.

We showed what this toolkit provides:

  • Showing the organization in one space and showing its changes in real time
  • Linking up organizations + inviting people
  • Automated e-mails
  • For Tactical Meetings, only to the ones who have to do something
  • For Governance outputs to all Circle members
  • For an organization, individual e-mail address settings possible

More features are planned for further versions.

Our first time showing this to the public brought gratifying interest. The presentation’s Facilitator said she had asked to be in our session because she was very keen on knowing more about the toolkit for her own company. Many of the participants—even other presenters in the block of three sessions on Second-Tier-community-building—expressed their interest in testing the Consent.works beta version.

The Consent.works features of being able to link up different organizations and even open networks, and inviting people into different settings, were especially valued. For example, beta-testing Consent.works for the second presenter Southern Catalonia Coevolution Hub will be very interesting; their feedback was very valuable.

The final whole-group discussion, about all three presentations around this topic, revealed how Teal life, including work, looks at different levels of complexity. We “got” how much this tool can support all kinds of networks and organizational structures as well as supporting on the scale of one person showing up in different interrelationships and contexts.

A wonderful networking resulted from these sessions. The group was interested in further contact to stay informed about all three projects in this Community-building series—Consent.works, Southern Catalonia Coevolution Hub, and Teal Village—so we created an address list and have sent out a first email to state the connection.

During some further conversations at the conference, business owners, consultants and people from non-for-profit organizations said that seeing all those different tools out there, not knowing which ones in what combination would meet their needs best, was really overwhelming.

Left to their own devices in their research, they found the tools mostly separate, not inter-related, sometimes not even compatible. So the process to find the right one for them is very difficult and time consuming, especially for a geographically-extended working group.

Having a real-time all-in-one tool—comparable to a Swiss-Army knife—would be great, they said, and would support their work enormously. This toolkit will support Teal and other consent-oriented organizations and networks. It has also been presented and well-received at the Global Sociocracy Conference on June 26, 2016 in Vienna.

Since the Integral European Conference we have been busily working on the platform to start the beta-testing soon. We are happy to have met so many interesting people who are working together in many different ways and organizational forms.  A lot of great conversations and connections have opened up, and we are looking forward to staying in contact with interested people. Their beta-testing will improve Consent.works in supporting all kinds of organizations in their consent-oriented development—as well as supporting the ecosystem among and around them.

Contact: [email protected]

For more information and registration: www.consent.works

DBDorothee Bornath Holacracy practitioner + Sociocracy training, Coach, Appreciative Inquiry practitioner + trainer and facilitator of large group interventions in organisations and public participation. Created together with Gertraud and other colleagues Die Wertschätzer (The Appreciators)—Coaching, Training, Consulting—with an AI process. Lead Link of Die Wertschätzer, founding member of the Teal Startup Consent.works

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GW Gertraud Wegst  Appreciative Inquiry practitioner + trainer, Master Coach and contributor to Reinventing Organizations Wiki, Teal for Startups group, and Unity in Diversity. Led a dietetic centre for binge eaters, 4 nursing homes with 600 tenants with staff from more than 10 different countries and was Practice Leader Germany of an international management consulting firm. Lead Link of Customer Enrollment Circle of Die Wertschätzer and holding the role International Network, founding member of the Teal Startup Consent.works

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[i] Die Wertschätzer is a network of coaches, trainers and appreciative inquiry practitioners. We promote “appreciation” within people and organizations, and help them in their evolution – supported by consent.works.