Laloux’s Insights – Five Key Processes of Self-management

By Frederic Laloux and originally published at

(Mis-)understandings about self-management
There are a number of processes that you will need to upgrade to make the leap to self-management. Most likely, these five processes will be the most critical. My sense is: go for these five, and you’ll find yourself self-managing quite solidly.
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Notes from Enlivening Edge Magazine:

Processes for making decisions shifts from hierarchy to some other process.

Going from job descriptions to roles, splitting the job descriptions of managers into roles among the people.

Information transparency, so people have the information they need to make the decisions they need to make. This enables systems to self-correct. This requires information to be in understandable language. Information transparency is fostered by having a communication platform that is non-hierarchical and people can participate where they wish.

Performance management (system feedback) processes shift. Peer feedback at individual and collective levels. For example, team feedback from clients enables the system to correct efficiently.

Conflict resolution no longer is asking the boss to handle a conflict. Have an explicit conflict resolution process in place.

Upgrade these 5 quickly, and it’s not that hard. Ways are well-documented, and some are in

With these 5 processes, many organizations could be 90% of the way into self-management, and there are always unique challenges, perhaps even fundamental structural changes needed.

And it’s almost that simple and yet mindset and culture are crucial; these are just process and system changes.

Republished with permission.
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