Going Horizontal: Creating a Non-Hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time – Book Review

Information below by Samantha Slade and originally published at Going Horizontal

From the website:

Samantha Slade’s new book: Going Horizontal is about propelling personal, organizational and system change through practical methods, tools and strategies at the core of collaborative ways of working. It’s an invitation to horizontal leadership!

If you are a purpose-driven individual ready to bring your full self to work or an organisation daring to re-think your collaboration model –  then Going Horizontal is for you !

The Going Horizontal movement is here to support YOU and YOUR mission with experiential Trainings, an international Community of Practitioners and of course, the book Going Horizontal.

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Meet the Author

Samantha Slade draws from over 20 years of applied ethnographic research growing her own non-hierarchical organization and supporting other organizations in a dozen countries.

She has worked with innovative North American start ups to the European Commission. She is equally at ease with ambulance dispatchers and coders as human resource professionals and high level decision makers. She speaks from first hand experience that is relatable and practical.

With a background in Cultural Anthropology and Education, Samantha has been tuned into the subtleties of the way organizations function for a long time. She knows that going horizontal is as much about mindset and culture as it is a structural change.

Today, as an international social designer, speaker and consultant Samantha supports teams, organizations and ecosystems to grow their horizontal ways. It doesn’t matter if it is called participatory leadership, co-creation or innovation mindset, it all requires going horizontal.

Sensing the incapacity of dominant organizational models to carry us into our future, Samantha co-founded Percolab, an international co-creation and co-design firm, in 2007. With her colleagues she pioneers culture-driven practices and operational tools for the future of work. Samantha also co-founded one of the first co-working spaces in Canada.

Samantha believes that organizations can and should be a microcosm of the world we want to live in.

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