George Pór

George Por Mahatma Gandhi said once if you want a movement to succeed, create a newspaper. No doubt, today he would say, create a news site. That's what inspired me to launch, in 2015, Enlivening Edge and work on its becoming a collective sensing and meaning-making organ of the ecosystem of next-stage organizations.   It's a vision of conscious, intentional evolution of people, organizations, and social systems. Pulled by a future, where all institutions are designed for supporting people to become their best, and inspired by Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations, with my friends we're growing EE into a synergistic hub for next-stage organizations.   I'm also strategic learning partner to visionary leaders in business, public service, and civil society, and a mentor to aspiring evolutionary agents. As an independent scholar, I enjoy research and writing.   Who would have thought that the beginning of my seventh decade would usher in the most fruitful season of my life? Such is the power of surfing the frothy edge. I feel the same zest for life that I experienced as a student revolutionary in the 60s, and later as a mystic in an ashram in India in the late 70s. I feel whole again; all parts of me are connected and aligned with the evolutionary impulse flowing through me.   I’m a Hungarian-born American living with my wife in Brighton (UK) the culture and nature of which reminds me of my old stomping ground, Santa Cruz in California. I have visited more than 40 countries, lived in 7, and speak 4 languages. My fortunate life conditions enabled me to combine European values with American "can do" spirit and infuse the mix with practices and insights from ancient wisdom traditions, without taking myself too seriously.