Get Ready to Ignite Change as Teal Around the World Conference is Going Glocal

By Teal Around The World for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Editor’s Introduction: The DNA/Evolutionary Purpose of Enlivening Edge involves helping innovators of the next stage of human consciousness in organizations discover each other and begin to connect, form relationships, and collaborate. If we were to fully express that purpose, we would be producing global online conferences like this. Fortunately, The Teal Network is doing a wonderful job, so we are fully supporting them!

The online Teal Around the World Conference was born in 2020, by not-for-profit, volunteer-staffed The Teal Network. TATW aims to help more people and organizations reach their purpose and bring meaningful work across the globe, inspired by the revolutionary concept of Teal organizations described in Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations.

Since then, in the several conferences, dozens of presenters from dozen of countries, with keynoters like Frederic Laloux and Jos de Blok, have reached many hundreds of participants. You can see an abundance of videos and more from the past events under that menu tab at

Teal organizations are based on breakthrough principles of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose, compared to organizations in the past. They are inspired by nature and designed to be more human and democratic.

The Teal Around the World Conference is run by a small ambitious group of volunteers, some of whom are pictured above in a 2022 “after-party.” TATW takes place for more than 24 consecutive hours for everyone to experience at the same time globally. Three sections are identifiable for three major time zone areas.

Featured are experienced Pioneers and Thought Leaders sharing stories based on real experience ranging from startups to huge corporations, empowering attendees to start the change within themselves and in their workplace.

The past TATW Conferences were motivating and energizing, but as time and life have changed, we responded to the new arising need of people: bringing inspiration to action in a face-to-face setup, while connecting with the rest of the world online, the best part being real connection, building relationships in the real world and creating a network of possibilities.


You can register now for the next TATW Conference happening in 2025! 🎉

There will also continue to be quarterly regional Global Teal Meetups coordinated via Eventbrite.


What will the new TATW25 look like?

Live face-to-face workshops will be happening in different hubs around the globe, during (various of) the 24 hours, in spaces provided for the occasion by TATW. Attendees have the chance to join the nearest venue in their area and meet people locally.

Every hub will be connected online, where keynotes and storytellers will be streamed live during the 24 hours, so no one misses an opportunity. This will facilitate making an impactful exchange where diverse perspectives contribute to solving shared challenges and fostering mutual respect among people of different cultures. This exchange of ideas can lead to fostering innovation, understanding, and cooperation on a global scale.

The new hybrid setup of Teal Around the World25 Conference aims to be the biggest conference to influence change on a larger scale, bridging the gap of far locations, different cultures, and even seeming competitions. Together, we work towards the same values and purpose.

Let’s make the next TATW Conference a reality! We have set up a crowdfunding for this cause:

Your donation will help bring people together from all over the world to learn about Teal organizations and get inspired to create better places to work for themselves and their organizations.

This is the kind of future we would like to see the next generations flourish in. A world full of innovative organizations supporting growth and nourishing a safe space where people can be their best selves at work. Imagine a place where you can unleash your highest potential while working towards a meaningful purpose.

We hope that you will join us in this important venture to change the world!

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