As the Song Goes about the Next-Stage World…

By George Pór for Enlivening Edge Magazine

A friend of mine asked recently in an email, “So how was your time on Rhodes at the gathering of organization reinventors?” I could have told her about the bright and courageous young women and men I met there, the inspiring new friends I made, the organizational leaders who just can’t lead anymore in the ways they used to, or the passionate conversations about the future of organizing over dinner and a glass of Merlot in the charming and quaint tavern restaurant of the village.

I could have, but I would still not have done justice to the unforgettable time spent with 50 trailblazers of profound transformations in self and organizations, from all over the world. So I just referred to the lyrics of the Rhodes Island song. Here’s how it goes:

“As I look back to all those days,

there’s not a thing that I would change…”

Watch this video for the full song and visual experience:



No, I haven’t done all that snorkeling. There was time for frolicking in the water, I just didn’t take it; I was too excited by frolicking in the various evolutionary waves of consciousness washing through our gathering.

No matter how exhilarating our gathering was this last time, we can bet that the third gathering of organization reinventors in October will be even more awesome than the first two were! Easy bet because we know that the world of organizations in transformation is asking each of us to become even more awesome, and we can do that only by learning, working, and having fun together.

If you’re reading this message, then I’d love to have you with us at NSW3, and if my prose trying to give a taste of what happened last time didn’t help much, why not sit back now and start playing the vid below.


Of course, none of our gatherings has looked exactly like the others. They cannot be predicted because their unfolding depends on issues that you and your team want to work on. The only relatively predictable events are the pre- and post gathering workshops. I will be co-leading the one on Facilitating Transformational Conversations, Oct 20-22. Maud Raber and Anna Betz and I will host that workshop from the perspective of “What if there were no “Teal,” no conceptual clutches, only the breath-taking freedom to become an ever-better edition of ourselves, as people and organizations?

Visit and dive in!