Leading into the Future in Times of Creative Disruption – Coffee and Conversation with Tim Evans

By Sarah Morris and Tim Evans, and originally published by Parallax Partnership here.

Introduction by Enlivening Edge Magazine

We thought our discovery of this podcast was timely and would be quite valuable for our readers right now. This professor of Political Economy and of Business has the experience and the emotional intelligence to share profound wisdom for leaders choosing to discover and cultivate the “green shoots” toward a better future in times of “creative disruption.” May this be uplifting and useful for the leader in us all.

2020 – Time to Decide What Kind of Leader You Want to Be

Welcome to this edition of Coffee and Conversation – Workplace Wisdom Unleashed!

The Parallax Partnership’s 2020 podcast series of informal conversations over a cup of coffee, entertaining experienced senior business leaders and influencers in the leadership sphere, and drawing upon their personal experiences, stories and learned wisdoms over the years.

Today Sarah is in conversation with Dr Tim Evans who is currently professor of business and political economy at Middlesex University, and has held multiple roles, both in the UK and internationally in Government and the private sector at a senior executive level.

35 minutes

Introduction and Featured Image by Enlivening Edge Magazine. Sprout Image by aKs_phOtOs from Pixabay