Laloux’s “Insights” – How Do We Reinvent Existing Organizations

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A few years ago, I wrote a book called Reinventing Organizations. The book turned into a global phenomenon beyond anything I could have imagined, and it has inspired countless organizations to adopt radically more soulful and purposeful management practices.

With the book, I tried to answer the question: is it possible to run organizations in a whole new way? I now know the answer to be an emphatic “Yes!” Since then, a new question emerged: So how do we do it? How do we reinvent an existing organization in such fundamental ways? That’s the topic of this video series.

The insights I share in the videos emerged for me after the book came out, through conversations I’ve had with a number of leaders who are on such a bold journey of reinvention. In these conversations, certain patterns showed up: things that work and things that don’t, typical pitfalls many organizations discover, things we are called to unlearn and relearn …

Over time, the series will have more than … 100 videos (!) of 5 to 15 minutes in length, each one elaborating on a particular insight that I feel is worth sharing.

My hope is that watching the videos will help your own journey turn out to be just a bit easier and more joyful. We don’t all need to reinvent the wheel! Let’s learn from those who’ve walked a similar path before us.

These videos are home-baked with love. A lot of time and care went into structuring the series, in order for the content to be sharp and practically relevant (I hope!). The recording, though, is spontaneous, to keep things fun for me. I talk into the camera, accept the first take with all its imperfections, add an intro and end, and shoot the video out to you!

One more thing: these videos aren’t locked behind a paywall. They live happily in the gift economy. Please gift back generously, if you can.


​More about the why, what, and how of the video series here, or in the video above … 
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