Laloux Is Asking Your Advice: How to Grow the “Reinventing Organizations” Wiki?

Written by Frederic Laloux and originally published on Facebook, where you can also read all the comments he received

Advice needed!

We are getting ready for phase 2, and I’ve launched an advice process about how we could get organized. A few of you have already given your advice/comment, but before we decide on a direction, I’d love to hear from a few more of you.

Have a look at this video

and read on here (

And then give your advice: does this make sense? Any other idea?

It’s great, also, to just say like some have done: this sounds great, let’s go ahead – that is useful information too.

I’ll then integrate the advice and we will get going!

A short introduction to getting started on phase 2. More on
  1. The most ubiquitous example of Teal organisational practices are theatre companies.

    Self-management – while the producer/s and director oversee the intitial vision, each member of the company, actors, designers choreographers and crew are responsible for their own performance. All constellated around a shared commitment to realise the same overall vision.

    Wholeness- while there will always be senior and more experienced members in a company, dominator hierarchy is not encouraged nor desirable. Everyone is free to and is expected to bring their whole 4D selves to work. Body, heart, mind and spirit. In fact without the fullness of each individual’s presence the energy and intention required to engage and sustain audiences over 8 performances a week would not be available.

    Evolutionary purpose
    A healthily functioning theatre company in performance ( and particularly on tour) is a Self-managing system, naturally sensing and responding to the given conditions and needs of each and every audience. Performers and performances evolve on a continuous basis adapting fluidly to the emergent needs of the work as it is delivered.

    Book yourselves tickets for the year long rep season at the Garrick Theatre in London and see a Teal theatre team rock the stages every night.

  2. Go ahead! Great!
    It has to be in a user-friendly format/layout..looks a an attractive, modern website. Very well structured and not only text, but models, graphics, tools, templates, process recommendations, etc.

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