An animated journey through Reinventing Organizations

Peter Green – of software and OD consultancy Agile for All – has created an enjoyable 9-minute RSA animate-style video overview of Frederic Laloux’s work.

In ‘Agile and Lean Adoption Using the Laloux Cultural Model’, Peter takes a whistle-stop tour through all the paradigms as they relate to businesses – from historic ‘Red’ through to emerging ‘Teal’ (to use the colour labels Laloux uses from Ken Wilber’s work, who adapted them from the Spiral Dynamics model).

It’s interesting also to read about Peter’s own personal dilemma: stick with trying make a healthy version of the ‘Orange’ achievement ethos in companies he works with; wait and hope that more open ‘Green’ leaders would emerge; or leave and work for a fully Green or Reinventing Organizations– style Teal organization. As you can read in his blog post about it, he eventually went for option three.