Peer Review – Sociocracy 3.0

By Lili David and James Priest and originally published by Thrive-in-Collaboration on YouTube

This video is a recording of an introduction to Peer Review filmed during a Sociocracy 3.0 Introduction course led by Lili David and James Priest in January 2018.

Peer Review is a Sociocracy 3.0 pattern from the category of patterns, Peer Development. It’s a process that helps members of an organization support each other to learn and grow in the roles and groups they serve.

In a Peer Review, people with a significant contribution to make are invited by an individual (in a role) or a group of people, to help them reflect on strengths and identify opportunities for their ongoing development of abilities and skills in accounting for their domain of work.

During a Peer Review, key responsibilities, work and outcomes are reviewed along with a review of the reason for the role or the group’s existence. Frequency of Peer Reviews is usually determined by the people who created the group or role to begin with.

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This video is a derivative of “Sociocracy 3.0 – All Patterns Explained” by James Priest, Bernhard Bockelbrink and Liliana David used under CC BY and is licensed under CC BY [[…], by Thrive-in Collaboration in association with Passionworks Production.

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