Crystallizing of Proyecto Hikola, Venezuela

By Helio Borges and originally posted in Enlivening Edge Group on Facebook

Introduction by EE Magazine: Helio Borges shared the story of the group Proyecto Hikola “Venezuela – Trying to Seed Values in a Troubled Society ”  here, in March 2018, for our readers. This Facebook post is a bit of an update on the group’s activities. We urge you to read the original full description of this project in the educational sector of society.

Helio BorgesNovember 19 at 2:38 AMCaracas, Venezuela

Hikola Project, session VI. CRYSTALLIZING

“Crystallizing means to stay connected to Source and to slowly clarify the vision and intention going forward. As we do this, our image of the future keeps evolving… The Emerging Future always shows up first in our feelings, only later it does in our heads.” Otto Scharmer. Theory U. 2nd edition. Presencing Institute

Last Saturday we held the VI session – Crystallizing, of Proyecto Hikola. There, our Hikola change makers carried out the experience “Cornucopia, crystallizing our intention with values”. It was a demonstration of “Presencing” and contact with the Source, in order to use the intelligences of the head, heart and hands, to build three-dimensional models of their intention.

It was an idea of @mariettapcoach, that immediately adopted @antoangarita and myself, which contacted everyone with the #abundance and #opportunity in the middle of #scarcity and #disruption.

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