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Seeds of the Future Sown in Joy – My “Bayechka”

By Marie Örnesved for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Seeds of the Future Sown in Joy – My “Bayechka.”

Why don’t you just take a break?” my beloved 18-year-old son said as we talked at the kitchen table. I was responsible for IT and logistics in a global company and had long ago lost the sense of why I was doing it. I had no joy, in fact I couldn’t think of anything I enjoyed in life. My job took all my energy and there was no time for reflection. Two months later, I got the call. His death was instant. My life stopped.

What I am about to tell you has nothing to do with his death, yet it has everything to do with it. His accident gave me the chance to wake up and turn my life around. When he died, LIFE took over.

Over the last ten years I have gone from “too full” to completely empty. In the beginning I did not realise that emptiness was part of the gift. I might have been tempted to ”re-fill” the space with activity and “stuff’ but the situation left me incapable of even that.

Over the years, by accepting life as it was, the gift of emptiness was revealed. From nothingness I experienced a spontaneous upwelling of Joy. It was more complete than any passing joy I had ever experienced. It felt like expanding beyond my physical self into a larger, more vibrant, version of myself—a powerful sensation of wellbeing, expansion and connection like being “lit up” from the inside. I call it “Joysense”.

Letting go, Letting flow

I have been given many opportunities to let go of old programmings. Twenty-five years in an Orange environment left me with deep-seated ideas about how things work and how to get “stuff done”. As I emptied myself of old beliefs, new programs downloaded. I started a small publishing company (LightSpira), and this became my playground for heartfelt creation.

Back then, I could not find many people who practiced working in natural, wholesome, and inspired ways. As is so often the case, this seeming “lack” was yet another gift. It gave me the opportunity to look at many of my beliefs without getting stuck in new ones. Without this open playing field, I would have been inclined to cling onto something that made sense right there and then, which would only have trapped me in new beliefs.

My joysense is telling me that we are here to create in heartfelt ways that we yet have only touched upon. Our hearts connect us to a spacious, non-linear and timeless field, which is there for us to discover. In this field we can express our individual gifts at the same time as we are synchronised with others. All that is needed is to be our authentic selves. No single individual orchestrates it; creation just flows.

The Field responds with beautiful co-creations

Recently, I started talking to someone that I have never met physically, but who also had glimpses of the possibilities of heartfelt cocreation. Through our conversations it became clear we had been on the same journey. We decided to continue the exploration together.

As we talked something emerged that we were both curious and excited to explore. We realised that we wanted to create and cocreate from this deep space within. Somewhere down the line we realised that we had already committed ourselves, or rather aligned ourselves, with our own inner light which then automatically connected us in the field. What a Joy!

About the same time, and in a similar fashion, I also connected to another lady and things just clicked. We found that as we align ourselves with our inner light, we are already in a beautiful dance together. We dance with life rather than try to control it.

Our work (see www.joyventures.co) continues to unfold. We invite people to explore and experience joy, so that together we can colour the world with more joy. I very much look forward to the continued exploration with my fellow cocreators.

This is not just the WAY I live AND work, it also IS my work—to catalyse, facilitate and guide people and organisations to intentional and joyous cocreation. Maybe as you read this you realise that you too long to bring your light into the dance of life! If so I would love to hear from you.


Marie has a unique mix of experiences, from many years in executive positions in more “traditional” businesses to deep experiences of how to lead and create from one’s own authentic space.

She is the co-author of “Sensitelligent – a guide to Life”, a book that provides inspiration and insights about how to move from states of fear and control into spaces of trust and intuition.

Marie takes great pleasure in catalysing and facilitating processes that enable people and organisations to make the shift to do business from an intentional, joyous space. She guides people and organisations to their true potential. Reach her at [email protected] or [email protected].

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