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I Am Humanity@Work – Our Roots

Originally published at I Am Humanity @ Work

Our Purpose

We are a community that helps human beings to improve our work lives.  We are concerned with the way in which we relate to one another.


We believe in allowing more life, more fun, more innovation and more happiness at work; we believe that the quality of relationships is the basis for all of this.

Deep, compassionate relationships are the basis for psychologically safe spaces, places that allow each of us to express ourselves fully.

Safe spaces where we as humans can create the most incredible things.

We want to create a better working world through better human connection.

We see much suffering in the work place as a result of outdated power systems and ideologies.

Our humanity has often been suppressed through the application of policy and process; through misguided management philosophies that believe the best way to higher productivity is to remove all individuality, all creative thought, all emotion from the work place.  Philosophies that try to take away our humanity and put you in a box.

Does the division of labour need to result in the division of you as a person?

Can you imagine another way?

Can we collectively create a shift in the quality of our human relations by becoming more aware of the reality of the situation?

Can we shift perceptions by discovering together what it means to have more humanity at work?

Can we create new levels of transparencyvulnerabilityhonesty, trust and human connection in our workplaces?

Our Vision

We would like to see workplaces where all people are valued for who they are; not only their position or title.

We would like to see workplaces where people treat each other with dignity.  That is, honestytransparencyvulnerability and compassion.

What Is Our Objective?

To raise conscious awareness of how we relate, how this can both cause and end suffering.

How deep connection in itself can lead to more collaboration, innovation, disruption, funwell being and results. 

We simply want to get the conversation started in your workplace.

We ask simple things: to see how you can contribute take a look at our Take Action page.

Take small steps. 

Through simple actions, we believe that people will throw out old fashioned relational practices, and shift towards more mature and humane ways of being together.

We aim to use the global crowd of colleagues who are willing to act to build a self sustaining and organic movement of activists.  To know that there are others out there who are willing to act, and that you are not alone.

The end goal?

Who knows?  Maybe all companies will become TEAL.  Maybe not.  We simply want to end unnecessary human suffering at work.

We want you and your colleagues to love who you are, who you work with and the environment that you will create.

#iamhumanityatwork.  Share on social media, or with us on our Facebook community.

Who Are We?

We are a no one and everyone.  We are just a few people who have suffered at work thanks to hierarchical and old fashioned world views.

We love people and believe that all humans have masses of untapped potential just waiting to brought into the world.  If only we all felt safe to bring our true selves out.

We created this community simply to give people a sign that now is the time to break these old fashioned ways.  To show that you are not alone in your suffering, or your action to break that suffering.

This page is absolutely not for profit: all material is open source.

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