EE Magazine Editorial September 2016 – What’s Emerging at Our Edge?

The moments of writing editorials for EE Magazine are also moments of reckoning. It’s a time for sensing: what is emerging at the edge of reinvention? Where is the most momentum? How can EE amplify the positive impact of thousands of women and men, youth and elders, on the frontline of building next-stage organizations and social systems?

By “reinvention” I refer to something broader than Frederic Laloux’s book. I refer to movements for profound change that are growing in strength and numbers.

Being a news hub, Enlivening Edge Magazine receives reports from the frontline of organisational innovation, reinvention projects, and tools that reinventors can use. They come with increasing frequency from a growing number of countries.

We take it as a sign of growing dissatisfaction with the status quo—a sign reflecting there are more people seeking alternatives to the outdated modes of organizing work that cause unnecessary human suffering.

We are curating a continuous stream of information, insight, and inspiration arriving from the broadening field of reinvention. It puts us in a unique position, which comes with the responsibility to help the good news and practices worth replicating spread far and fast.

The thematic focus of EE Magazine for our August-September cycle is Millennials and multi-generational learning and collaboration for reinventing organizations and society. You will find a number of articles related to this focus in Features, Views, and Columns.

Another area of our interest, how organizational paradigm-shifting movements are scaling up and across, is represented by an interview with Mike Arauz, co-founder of the ResponsiveOrg movement. They will have a conference on The Future of Work sponsored, interestingly, by Microsoft and Accenture, among others, September 19-20, 2016, in Berkeley, California, USA.

If you are interested in discovering and strengthening the synergy across transformational communities, don’t miss the articles of Michael Stern on “Weaving Perspectives on Teal: Laloux & Scharmer” and Mieke Byerley on “Multipotentialites.”

Last but not least, we’re happy and proud to introduce “In This Together,” a new online training, starting on October 4, 2016, by Diane Musho Hamilton, world-renowned conflict resolution expert, author, and Zen master. For more about why this is important to us, read “Next Stage for Self-Management: Skilled Facilitator Training.” Please note that this article is our first sponsored content. We have just adopted an advertising policy you can read about here, along with the reasons we are beginning to consider advertisers who offer something of high value to our readers.

Enjoy this edition of EE Magazine, and whatever you like in it, share that!