Enlivening Edge Magazine Affiliate Partnerships

Why does Enlivening Edge accept affiliate and advertising relationships?

You might already know that our Evolutionary Purpose is catalyzing relationships among innovators who are accelerating the evolution of organizations and social systems toward human and environmental thriving. These inter-connections synergize the individuals, groups, and organizations into a social ecosystem—a socially impactful collective intelligence—because that’s a faster, easier way to a better world.

But you might not know all the ways Enlivening Edge currently offers for people to connect: our Magazine, Communiity Hub (which includes our former Community Conversations) and Facebook Community. People who are co-creating the next stage of consciousness in organizations, in various movements, respond positively to our offering of these spaces, and synergies are abounding. We constantly get comments like these.

  • You are a reference of the Teal community.
  • It’s an amazing resource, love your work.
  • You are clearly the leaders and connection to Teal World Wide right now.
  • Am constantly impressed with the quality of the content (and quantity).

For a long time, EE did not accept any kind of advertising or affiliate marketing. Based on feedback like the above, we chose to open the opportunity for partnerships with other organizations in our network who are aligned with our Evolutionary Purpose.

The Bigger Picture

We believe that our ads and affiliate partnerships will further energize our network of like-minded, like-hearted organizations. These partnerships will allow organizations to know about each other even more powerfully, so we will thrive individually and collectively—and uplift the whole world.

While traditional organizational partners strive only for mutual benefit, next-stage partners embrace that motivation and expand it with the question:

What can be the deepest gift of our partnering to the evolution of consciousness and society, something that we couldn’t accomplish without joining forces?

How can we intensify our passion and aliveness by prototyping new next-stage kinds of relationships, co-creating an evolutionary leap not just within organizations but for inter-organizational partnerships such as advertising and affiliate relationships?

The Specific Picture

Many players in our ecosystem have offerings of extraordinary value. Making these offerings more visible, via ads or affiliate marketing, for folks who are co-creating more conscious organizations, is simply a natural expression of our Evolutionary Purpose.

The trust of our community is important to us. Please know that any advertiser or affiliate marketing partner has gone through several layers of “vetting.” Nothing in EE’s offerings is there solely because it’s a source of revenue. We only share opportunities that members of our EE team are drawn to and would happily participate in!

Starting the Conversation

If you would like to partner with Enlivening Edge to share something of significant value with our community, please start the conversation via the website’s Contact form.

Since we tailor each situation to suit the particulars, we do not publish ad rates or ad structures. Due to various considerations, we will not be able to accept every proposed ad or affiliate marketing partnership, even if it would be of great value for our readers.

If you have any concerns or comments about our advertising policy, please use our Contact form. This policy, like everything else, is evolving.