Reflections on the EE Community Conversations, December 2016

Do you have enough soul-satisfying Teal-depth conversations in your life? What’s it like to discover or rediscover that you are not alone in your attraction to the next stage of human and organizational consciousness? For the past two months, the Enlivening Edge Community Calls have provided a safe, nurturing, space for such rich conversations. People are lighting up with feeling supported, encouraged, inspired, and activated. And they are forming real bonds with the amazing folks they meet in these facilitated conversations.

Most of the ensuing conversations take place in the EE Community group on Facebook. Each month, a few reports from participants will be shared here with the larger EE community of readers. Here are glimpses of the experience from two folks in the December calls.

From the December 1st call, Andrew MacDonald shared this on Facebook:

“Who made you the King of Teal?” asked one participant at the third Enlivening Edge call.

It was a series of moments and maybe you had to be there. But the third Enlivening Edge call marked me with some of those small moments that stick. “Who made you the King of Teal?” is a phrase that could have come from stand-up comedy; someone mentioned referring to something that many Integralistas will recognize: you’re being a leader in bringing a Teal perspective into an environment and your efforts are perceived within the Orange or Green mindset as less than fully welcome.

“I am struck by the power of the well-defined question to bring out wonderful, deeply human connections,” said another participant. Last week’s call, like all of them, was marked more by questions rather than answers, by listening rather than speaking, and by the unknown rather than the known. This call was the third in an ongoing series of online videoconference calls that, twice a month, bring the Enlivening Edge community together in real time.

It was good to see people from many different countries there in “the field” of the computer screen, and notice again how varied, ordinary, and human we are. I also saw a connection made between two people who both had experience within the same company. We have many ways of recognizing ourselves on the call.

One of the reasons for the success of the calls is the outstanding framework for bottom-up process largely created by management consultant Peter Block.

If you were there, perhaps you could share a moment of observation with the community! My experience was only mine, and this just a smidgeon of it, but we were many.

~Andrew MacDonald, Bridge-builder, Networker, Systemic Constellations facilitator and coach,

From the December 15th call, Mariola Wittek Mourão shared this on Facebook:

We just finished the December 15th Community Call and I have to say it’s been a long time since I have felt so energized, understood, and thankful. What a connection!

What brought me to those calls is my passion, my inner need to help the world around and inside me make this step towards truly becoming Teal… It’s not only a passion, it’s like an urge. So I was curious to meet some like-minded people and see what I can contribute and what I can get out of listening to or even joining the conversation.

What I take out of that 2nd call I participated in now, is beyond what I would have ever expected! I met people who believe what I believe and who are giving true commitment to the Teal movement, without expecting anything in return. People like the hosting team who take their time and effort to prepare and host regular sessions and who are truly interested and open for everyone who comes into those calls.

I was hoping for some meaningful conversations. But on top of that I got incredible support for my own journey towards helping to create a local space in which a Teal community can emerge… support in the form of feedback, of contacts, of ideas… and the full-hearted commitment to get this support beyond those calls.

It feels like everything has gained momentum… an incredible boost of positive energy, of possibilities and of impact…and all of that within only two hours. Will, Alia, Vihra, Ryan, Eric, Andrew, and all the others – I am blown away and deeply thankful!

~Mariola Wittek Mourão,, Organisational Psychologist and Change Consultant
What would draw you to participate? What were your experiences, if you have participated? You can leave comments below, and/or check out this longer description of the calls, and/or join the Facebook community if you haven’t already!