You and AI – The Future of Work

By Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz and originally published by The Royal Society on Youtube

AI already supports many of the products and services we interact with on a daily basis, and technological advances are creating systems that can perform increasingly sophisticated tasks.

Alongside these advances, come questions about the impact of AI on work and working life, and its implications for society. Will AI systems replace people in the workplace? How might these technologies affect how, where, and why we work? And how might this influence social inequalities?

In the fifth discussion of the You and AI series, Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz explores the implications of AI for work and inequality, considering how we can share the benefits of these technologies across society.

Professor Diane Coyle CBE, celebrated economist and professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge, will share her thoughts before joining Professor Stiglitz for what promises to be a lively question and answer discussion. Supported by DeepMind.

1 hour, 14 minutes.

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