Self-Organizing Beyond the Work

Tom Thomison interviewed by Carlos Ponce and others, and originally posted at

Pushing the boundaries of self-organization – Work, earn, live on-purpose.

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Incorporating self-organizing principles not only in work, but in the legal and people systems related to the work of an organization. Pushing the boundaries of self-organization into matters such as investment, ownership, equity, and “employees.” Self-organizing and self-employment are quite different. Self-organizing the work is distributing authority, decision-making, authority, structure, and leadership.

When we choose our work place to express a purpose, we are self-organizing our lives.

There is a massive movement sweeping the world, showing up in different approaches to decentralizing.

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A seasoned entrepreneur and business builder with more than 30 years experience, Tom Thomison is a recognized leader in self-organization practices and methods. In 2007, he co-founded HolacracyOne, LLC to further develop and mature Holacracy®, now a gold-standard practice for self-organization in mainstream business.

Over the twenty years’ prior, Tom was an active entrepreneur having founded four companies and served as advisor to several startups. Tom currently is a founding member and Partner at, an organization focused on the creation of necessary legal, financial and social structures to further support for- purpose enterprises and the new world of work. He remains a Partner and Investor at HolacracyOne, LLC.

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