Living Organizational Systems and Structures Webinar Series

By Claudia Gross as described in Eventbrite
Truly HUMAN ways of work*ing and collaborating, supporting us moving into the emerging future in a purpose-driven way.

About this event

.: Does your organizational chart represent how work is really done?

.: Do you sense that the days of the hierarchical pyramid as THE organizational structure are numbered?

.: Do you wonder which organizational structures and systems are emerging?

Let’s have a look at a variety of living organizational systems that support teams and organizations in doing their magic.

I’m very much looking forward to hosting this live Deep Dive webinar for you. You will receive information and insights on the transformation from static organizational structures to flexible living organizational systems, and fields that offer you inspirations relevant for your team and your business.

  • Gain insights into the evolution of various organizational structures.
  • Realize which organizational chart is connected to which consciousness alive in the organization.
  • Discover practices of pioneering companies related to living organizational systems and fields.
  • Get energized to apply your insights immediately and co-create a visualization of your team organization that is as alive as your team members.

Holistic businesses for people, planet and purpose!

This Deep Dive is one in a series of thematic sessions monthly in 2021. The other ones are:

Life at Work Deep Dive No. 1 – HUMAN Futures of Work*ing on Wednesday, 27.01.

Life at Work Deep Dive No. 2 – From Organizations as Machines to Living Organisms on Wednesday, 10.02.

Life at Work Deep Dive No. 3 – Economies FOR the Future on Wednesday 24.02.

Life at Work Deep Dive No. 6 – Organizational EVOLutions on Wednesday 07.04.

Life at Work Deep Dive No. 7 – Organizational Change and Transformations on Wednesday 19.05.

Life at Work Deep Dive No. 8 – Living Organisational Systems on Wednesday 16.06.

Life at Work Deep Dive No. 9 – Skills and Superpowers for the 21st Century on Wednesday 07.07.

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Featured Image by Krzysztof Niewolny from Pixabay