Sociocracy Conference 2021 – Better Systems for a Changed World

By Ted. J. Rau for Enlivening Edge Magazine

The world has changed, and we all feel it. Are we ready for what’s next?

On May 6, hundreds of people from around the world will gather to listen to each other at the 4th annual international sociocracy conference. There will be 84 presentations in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Speakers from 19 countries and participants from all around the world will share their practices, their successes, and their struggles as they transform their organizations into a Teal, sociocratic way of organizing. They come from schools, businesses, nonprofits, activist organizations, communities, and networks.

At this conference, they will share their experiences while governing as peers with no power-over structures, organizing in a decentralized, empowering way while creating clarity on a shared purpose and action.

Changing organizations is not limited to “special places.” It’s done all over the world. Yet, it is not an easy task. The sensing, the probing, the systems, reinventing how we do things, and questioning business as usual are satisfying work and also exhausting work. So let’s come together to share and recharge!

This conference is not a place of “big shots”—this is a conference of real people telling their stories from their own first-hand experiences. People like you and me change their organizations from the inside out and build unique places of connection and joy.

This conference is not a place of “big shots” – this is a conference of real people telling their stories from their own first-hand experiences.

That is the future we want—organizations that are made for full humans and with full humans, for a world that works for everyone.

The good news is, this change is already happening on the ground. Meet the people who are on the path—and find fellow travelers on this journey at the conference.

May 6, 2021: 13-20:00 UTC.

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Featured Image by Goumbik from Pixabay