Lead Together: the Book – The Impact of Transparency on Decision Making

By Susan Basterfield and Brent Lowe and Travis Marsh, originally published on Youtube

If you want people to make the same decisions that you would make, but in a more scalable way, they need to have the same information that you have.

In our fast-paced world, members of our teams need to make increasingly complex decisions more often. Transparency ensures everyone has the information to make good decisions and it requires more than just the free flow of data. Decision-making requires the capacity to turn information into meaningful, actionable insights. Done well, transparency can boost business results, breed trust, help with innovation and support learning.

In this video, Lead Together co-authors Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield and Travis Marsh share insights into how self-managing organizations approach transparency to facilitate better decision making. They discuss: – Views and fears around increasing transparency in organizations – Empowering team members to make better decisions through information sharing – Tools and platforms that facilitate greater transparency 

7 mins 34 secs


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Republished with permission.

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