Fitting Sociocratic Structure into Current Legal Structures

Recording of presentation by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez at recent annual Sociocracy conference and available here.

How can one marry decentralized organizations and existing legal structures? The underlying principle here is that any organization should always be able to make a decision. But what if even the board/Mission Circle can’t agree?

Jerry has worked on this topic for years and shares his expertise and thinking in this presentation.

If a circle can’t make a decision despite trying, the decision may move to the next-higher circle. The end of this chain is the highest circle in the organization, often the Mission Circle or the Board of Directors. But what happens if that circle can’t make a decision?

This is not relevant only for governance but also for legal questions – an organization cannot be deadlocked and needs to have clearly assigned authority to work within the current legal system. Some organizations use majority rule as fall-back. What other options are there for the “top circle” problem that incentive collaboration and integrating of objections but still break the deadlock?

58 minutes 37 seconds

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Republished with permission.

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