Personal Authenticity Campaign Results in Mass Exodus

By John Smith and originally published at

Insurance company LAXIAL, which has spent years encouraging its employees to become more ‘authentic’, has seen the number of people quitting skyrocket.

5 years ago, the company began to encourage people to go on a journey of ‘self realisation’; to cast away their professional facades and discover who they really were.

Amongst the many quitters is former employee John Smith, who stated “Well, after all that company-sponsored mindfulness, I began to realise that I hated the company, I was only there for the money, I didn’t really like the people I was forced to be with every day and I certainly had absolutely zero interest in the products.  I couldn’t choose what I worked on, I couldn’t reach my potential and I felt as though I was treated as a child.  I woke up.  I understood that I could bring more to the world: I could fulfil my true purpose”.

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John now leads his own disruptive business in the insurance market with a peer 2 peer insurance platform.

CEO of the company Rachel Jones, stated, that “Although it seems as though people leaving is a bad thing, actually, it simply means we are left with the ones who are easier to control: they comply with my commands”.

The insurance market is now brimming with ‘purpose-driven’ disruptive new entrants who look set to kill off the old giants.  By contrast LAXIAL’s focus on operational excellence is seen by some as short term gain, long term suicide.  LAXIAL has not innovated for 15 years.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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