Unleash People’s Potential through Self-0rganization

Timm Urschinger interviewed by Mike Leber and Nadezhda Belousova in [Conversations with Gamechangers]

Timm Urschinger: “Make it, so you don’t have to fake it – How Teal works and how it may help you.”

Business Agility LIVE

This time we talk with Timm Urschinger about radical self-organization.
Timm is the co-founder of LIVEsciences, a radically self-organized company, that walks the talk. This move was inspired by his experiences working on change programs, Organizational Design and Execution, and consultancy for large corporations such as Roche Pharma and others. As Agility has become mainstream, Timm and the team at LIVEsciences are on a mission to unleash the potential of people through Self-Organization and New Ways of Working.
43 minutes 45 seconds

LiveSciences is active in The Teal Network, producing the annual Teal Around the World conference and its monthly Global Teal Meetups.

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